PLEASE CONTACT ME via IG @data_wolf

I have several live sets – with electronic and analog synthesizers – mellow, ambient, low beats, with live elements. I love writing and composing music, and will gladly take on any music related challenge. Music for film, tv, theatre, sound installations, commercial sound design applications. Send me a note if you’d like to book a show!

I am a creative producer in a variety of media, and have been teaching high school and college Photography, Graphic Design and Music Production in addition to my visual development work for commercial clients.

Sound Design and Music Production is where I have been steadily heading, learning music theory and producing for personal projects and a collaborative podcast with Jacky Piper (Folklore, Myths and Legends). My instagram account @data_wolf is my living library of video and audio sketches.

I play piano, synths (analog and midi), guitar and some baritone. I have taken many classes on composition, video game music, and theory and continue to do so for my professional development. I have several years into Logic Pro X and third party developers – specifically Arturia, Spitfire and UVI.