I have been working on a folklore revival project with my sister in the UK. We have been researching a lot about The Green Man, (symbol of rebirth, cycle of new growth every spring) if you follow her IG @creativeasfolk you’ll see what we have been up to.

This new music has been inspired by The Green Man project and is called Beltane (first of summer), one of four Gaelic seasonal festivals half way between the spring equinox and summer solstice.
‘Aos Si’ is the Irish term for a supernatural race said to live in mounds, comparable to fairies or elves. They would be known as ‘people of the mounds’. The ‘Daoine Sith’ in Scottish mythology are said to be the ancestors, the spirits of nature, or goddesses and gods. They live underground in an invisible world that coexists with the world of humans. They walk amongst the living in a parallel universe.
The primrose was considered a symbol of safety and protection. Primroses placed on a doorstep were said to encourage the faeries to bless the house and all who lived there. The flowers, first to bloom in the spring were gathered for ceremonies to celebrate a change in the cycle.

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Released June 30, 2020
Keyboards and programming: A.Wilkinson
Mastered by Anawim Avila

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